Selected Publications

PAM '20
MUST, SHOULD, DON'T CARE: TCP Conformance in the Wild
PhD Thesis '19
Improving Content and Service Distribution beyond Infrastructure Upgrades
PAM '19
Hidden Treasures - Recycling Large-Scale Internet Measurements to Study the Internet's Control Plane
CoNEXT '18
Is the Web Ready for HTTP/2 Server Push?
IMC '18
A Long Way to the Top: Significance, Structure, and Stability of Internet Top Lists
IMC '18
Digging into Browser-based Crypto Mining
PAM '18
Characterizing a Meta-CDN
EWSN '18
SPLIT: Smart Protocol Loading for the IoT
Internet QoE '17
A QoE Perspective on HTTP/2 Server Push
TrustCom '17
Distributed Configuration, Authorization and Management in the Cloud-based Internet of Things
How HTTP/2 Pushes the Web: An Empirical Study of HTTP/2 Server Push
Resource and Execution Control for Mobile Offloadee Devices